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Hi everyone, how are you doing? :)

Edit: Still looking for at least one more active contributor!

I've been very busy lately, and I will be busy for the foreseeable future. To help me run the group, I'm looking for two active Deviants who'd like to help me out a bit. You won't have to do much, there's essentially just two jobs:

1. Checking if submissions conform to the rules, and accepting/declining them accordingly.
As the group isn't very large, you won't have to worry about being flooded by submissions. However, when they come in I prefer to have them processed withing 48 hours (max.), which is why I'd really prefer it if contributors check in on DA at least once a day.

2. Submitting textures to the group from around DA
This is pretty simple: Whenever you see a nice texture somewhere on DA, request it into the groups Gallery or Favorites ^^

I hope to hear from some of you soon! :)
Aside from the folder changes that are part of the re-design of the group, I've added two more special folders!

- One is especially for art using one or more textures from this group. Art from this folder will receive a special feature every month!
- The other folder is for art made with textures not from this group. I added this folder to inspire our members. If you see how people use textures, it can give you a better idea about what to make.

So start submitting!
Hi everyone!
Spring is on it's way (in the Northern Hemisphere at least), so it's time for a good old fashioned spring cleaning ^^
I've noticed that over time and with changing founders, the folders have become a bit messy: Some focus on media, others on subject matter. All a bit confusing. So I've decided to give the gallery a bit of an overhaul. I will try to make sure you will be bothered as little as possible, but I will probably have to close submissions for a bit while I change the folders.

There will be new folders, all based on the type of texture or the material. Here is what I've come up with:

Manipulated Textures:
Grunge, destroyed
Patterns and Seamless

Unmanipulated Textures:
Peeling Paint
Metal Rust etc
Stone Rock etc
Brick Tiles Walls etc
Wood Bark etc
Fur Skin Scales Feathers
Paper Watercolors Graphite etc
Liquids and Ice
Skies and Clouds
Other Textures Manmade
Other Textures Natural

Texture Brushes and PS Actions
Where does this go?

Remarks/suggestions would be appreciated

I've also noticed that people have been submitting images that are not textures into the gallery. It's called Totally-Textures for a reason people! ;) Other have submitted textures that are not available for downloading on DA, or are not available for editing. So for now submissions will no longer be automatically approved. If all goes well I'll change this back asap.
I'd like to give a quick welcome to all new members and watchers :)

I hope you'll find lots of useful resources, and/or share lots of great textures with the rest of us. If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks, please feel free to leave a comment or send a note ^^

Have fun creating!

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